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Hi, I'm Jerry Lane, the owner and founder of Wild Ocean Studio. 

Wild Ocean Studio is the manifestation of lessons learned, moments shared, and a desire for experiences lived to the fullest. A place for sharing knowledge & capturing wonder. A place where breathtaking landscapes meet intimate portraits, where stories find their unique voice, and where ideas grow & thrive. Wild Ocean Studio is an online journal & store, for now, with the ambition to develop a physical space for real interactions & shared creations in time. Welcome to the journey.

I'm a 26-year-old photographer, filmmaker, blogger and graphic & web designer in the making. I'm based in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, Ireland. I hold a B.A. (Hons)(1st Class) in Music Technology from the Institute of Technoloy, Tralee. 

I'm passionate about and deeply inspired by nature. Born and raised on the coast, I feel most at ease near the ocean and out in nature. I'm fascinated by the people and wildlife that live life on the fringes of our beautiful little island of Ireland and in rural spaces across the globe. Wild Ocean Studio is my home on the internet. A space to share my perspectives, adventures, knowledge and more. It's a space in which I can grow, achieve bigger goals (some loftier than others, like creating sustainable jobs for others) and taking on ever bigger projects with others. 

I love time with friends & family, listening to & playing music, and take great joy in the creative process. I have lived with depression and severe anxiety & from time to time I share my perspective here, having been through all of that.

Say hi, I love to meet new people and am always open to collaborations. 

Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.
— W.B. Yeats

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