Winter In Killarney

Apricity: the warmth of the sun in winter

Apricity; not a word you'll find very often in modern times - you won't even find it in the Oxford dictionary - but a word nonetheless, from a very long time ago. January is typically a dreary, wet, and windy month here in Ireland. This year, it's been a mixed bag, really, but it's provided a few days of really nice weather,  where I've fortunately had a little free time to go make the most of it. A few days where the feeling of Apricity was in full effect - although, as soon as the sun dropped below the tree line it got very cold indeed. Here are some photos, from Ballyseedy Woods & Glanageenty Woods near Tralee, and various spots around the Killarney area. I hope you like them. As ever, here's some music to go with the pics. This time it's a choice of two, depending on what you fancy. First up is brand new Bonobo ft. Nick Murphy, titled 'No Reason'. The space in this track is ridiculously good (In particular I'm looking at around the 5 minute mark 😍). It's an album definitely worth checking out. Secondly, Lisa Hannigan's 'Snow' from her most recent record. It's quite beautiful. Take your pick, and scroll on! 


That's it for today. I hope you like these images. As ever, if there's one of the landscapes that you'd like, but don't see on the store, you can Custom Order one. 

Extra special thanks to my wonderful friend Alanna Diggin, for standing in for a few snaps in the lovely light. You should totally go follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and check out her blog at

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