Adventures On Your Doorstep V


The Finest Of The Seasons

If there's one thing I've grown to learn when talking about Kerry, it's that anyone who thinks of the county, thinks of Killarney or Dingle. In many ways it's justified - both are truly unique and beautiful places. Killarney has the National Park, the Lakes, numerous mountain trails, and access to so much more within a half hour drive. Dingle has a rugged, wild, and awe inspiring coastline, proximity to the Skelligs, and a simply sublime coastal route along the Slea Head Drive. Dingle is a bustling tourist town, rich in music, marine dining and heritage, and so much more. Having grown up on the coast I've always found myself more drawn to Dingle, but Killarney has something really beautiful and alluring about it. 

Little note: I like to include a piece (or pieces) of music that has inspired me of late. This time, (it had to be, really) it's new BON IVER - 8 (Circle)! Happy listening and I hope you enjoy the pics. 😊

Autumn has long been my favourite season; the richness of colours and (surprisingly, this year) settled weather combine to create a wonderful time to get out into nature. I've yet to go through the National Park this year to capture the falling leaves and colours, but in a few spare hours during the recent spell of good weather, I decided to head out to the Gap of Dunloe. If you haven't been, you need to. It's that simple. The drive alone is worth it, but, getting out on your feet and taking it all in is an absolute treat. It's a cocktail of little things, like observing the way the light rolls along the mountain peaks either side of you, to hearing a Jarvey echo their voice around the middle of the valley to the bemusement of their passengers, to seeing the wildlife roaming freely by the lakes as the wind rips through the valley. That's before you even consider the view back through the Gap. It's a place you simply must go if you're in Killarney. I recently took a trip up with my friend Gordon, on a rather chilly day to say the least! Quick tip? You need a jacket this time of year. It turns out my light jumper and t-shirt combo didn't make for much warmth against the sharp winds. Still, asides from a head cold, I managed to catch some images on the day and I'd love for you to check them out below. 😊

Again, happy listening and I hope you enjoy the pics. 😊

Isn't it just a beautiful place? I wish I'd taken more variety of images but I have to admit to being a little awestruck while there. Sometimes you just have to take it all in, I guess. 

Here's one last one for now. 



One More Thing...

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