It's Not About The Gear Part I

The best camera is the one you have with you.
— Chase Jarvis

I remember when I first fell in love with photography. I'd bought an iPhone 4, and while out and about I found myself snapping pictures at random moments where something caught my eye. It felt like those moments of intrigue that had long gone unattended, suddenly found a life, and I spent hours taking pictures in the most random of places. A few months passed and that iPhone got stolen. I replaced it with a HTC and lost interest a bit, as the process of shooting was slow and frustrating. A while passed and I decided to buy another iPhone - the iPhone4S. This was the real eye opener for me. I shot so many photos, of skies, cliffs, water, flowers, people, the sun, and so many more random things. I got a bit lost in the beauty of the world around me, and captured the things I saw with a device that was always on my person. This post is the first in a little series where I'll share older photos I captured with my phone (iPhone 4, 4S, and Samsung Galaxy S6 - yes, i'll be going back to iPhone soon!)

In this respect, the adage that "The best camera is the one you have with you" really couldn't be more true. The cameras most of us carry on our person every day are insanely powerful now, and really it only takes a sense of curiosity, and a bit of time in understanding light and composition, to be on your way to getting some amazing results. Try it for yourself! :) Here's some images, all from the iPhone4S, with the exception of the very last one, which I shot on my S6 (and it's probably one of my favourite pics, excluding friends & family pics). 

ps, some of these i've had to re-download from Instagram, so i'm sorry about the quality. 

pps, here's a song to listen to while you scroll! 😊 It's the theme tune to Planet Earth II, by Hans Zimmer & co., and seemed fitting given the outdoorsy theme today! 

ppps - click on any image for lightbox view. 



The long exposure images were made using an app called Slow Shutter Cam, which composited a load of images together. It was really cool, but a tripod mount was ESSENTIAL. 

Last, but not least for today, my favourite: 

Have A Safe & Happy Weekend!

Jerry 🙂