M O V E - An Introduction


In life, many of us face moments of change and uncertainty. Moments where it feels like something has to change before it breaks. I have had more than a fair share of such moments. Most recently, I have found myself at a loss with a desire to be fitter and healthier - something I wrote about on the blog previously. I have failed at this many times. I have sought to be better to myself because it was the normal thing to do - but the motivation was never real. Until this time. This time marks a real change. 

A lack of fitness has held me back. As a photographer, I want to take images from the tops of mountains, in the ocean and of adventure and extreme sports. On a personal level, I want to surf, hike more, and to feel strong and fit.  It's something I have wanted for a very long time - I just never felt I deserved it. Until now. 

MOVE is a section of the site dedicated to sharing this journey. A way to hold myself accountable, and to share any help & tips I can muster up along the way. In time I'll be leaning towards developing a newsletter, more on YouTube, and much more.